Chochán Volador im Gespräch mit Raúl Gonzalez

Ich bin ein Berliner | 06.12.2019

ICH BIN EIN BERLINER - Julio Sivautt, Marcelo Iraci, Peter Schwartz - representing the world music band CHOCHÁN VOLADOR im Gespräch mit Raúl Gonzalez

Julio Sivautt - guitar and voice
Marcelo Iraci - guitar and voice
Hiula Rodriguez - percussion/drums
Emilio Madeo - double bass
Lena Donat - flute and voice
Peter Schwartz - trumpet
Jorge Peralta - accordion
Gabriel Beltrame - backing vocals

Chochán Volador is poetry, groove and political statement - with a mix of Latin American rhythms like Murga, Tango, Milonga, Swing, Ska and Blues. The musicians come from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain and Germany and they live in Berlin. Chochán Volador only plays its originals. Their irresistible beats jump right up in the legs and bring up a smile, while their poetic lyrics denounce social inequality, racism, corruption and sexism.