Freshly Squeezed - November 2020

Freshly Squeezed | 08.11.2020


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Celebrating 9 years of the Freshly Squeezed show, it's business as usual for Nick Hollywood playing brand new music from Italy's Swingrowers to a special shout for an early signing, Tim Cole (RIP) from The Correspondents. The latest for autumn/winter 2020, chilled swing sounds, with aplomb. Enjoy the groove with a musical cast from Freshly Squeezed and beyond.

ARTISTS: Caro Emerald, Swingrowers, Waldeck, Minimatic, Oscar Brown Jnr, Atom Smith, The Correspondents,

SUGGESTED TAGS: Electro Swing, Vintage Remix, Jazz, Swing, Nu Jazz

PLAYLIST: name,artist,label

Little Dancing Skeletons, Riff Kitten, Freshly Squeezed
Seven Million Faces, Swingrowers, Freshly Squeezed
Comin' Up Swinging (Instrumental), Atom Smith, Freshly Squeezed
That Man (Atom Smith Remix), Caro Emerald, Grand Mono
Rapper's Delight, "Atom Smith, Burkey", Freshly Squeezed
All I Wanna Do Is Swing, Tallulah Goodtimes, White Label
Death Ray Boogie, Various Artists, Freshly Squeezed
The Fake Is On, Linear John,Agogo
Keep my Fire Burning, Waldeck, Etage Noir
Humdrum Blues [Album Version], Oscar Brown Jr., Colombia
Keep on Lovin' You, The Swing Ninjas, Freshly Squeezed
I'm Lonely, Minimatic, Tour Eiffel
Star Saloon, Riff Kitten, Freshly Squeezed
Dirty Dazzler (Instrumental), Balduin & Masha Ray, Balduin Music
Maniac, Caravan Palace,MVKA
Fallen World,"Riff Kitten, Kumiho", Freshly Squeezed
Touchdown (Instrumental), Tallulah Goodtimes, White Label
Washington Square, The Correspondents, Freshly Squeezed