Freshly Squeezed

2 hours of the finest vintage and vintage-influenced sound: Remixed, Remastered or Rewound.

... from a friendly and accessible history of Jazz and Swing to Rhythm and Blues and Rock n Roll via all the music that those genres influenced right up to addictive contemporary re-inventions like Electro Swing and even future releases...

As a day-job, show host Nick Hollywood also runs the Brighton-based record label and publisher Freshly Squeezed. This means the show is able to deliver a unique 'behind-the-scenes' look at the global music scene and up-coming releases, often playing new records many months in advance of their public availability.

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Freshly Squeezed catalogue episodes - April 2021 #3

Freshly Squeezed | 18.04.2021

Today's show is the second of the new format one hour Freshly Squeezed shows. Featuring new releases and vintage classics, it's business as usual for April's episode.

Tags: juiceod, jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues, Ruth Brown, Jazzotron & Gramophonedzie, Flap, Betty Everett, So Down

Freshly Squeezed catalogue episodes - April 2021 #2

Freshly Squeezed | 11.04.2021

April's episode of Freshly Squeezed takes a springtime sidetrack into the reggae and ska influenced sounds coming out of Island Records and Freshly Squeezed's new Vintage Remix imprint ahead of their Love Supreme Festival stage later this summer... plus new electro swing and blues releases from Parov Stelar and Swingrowers, and a classic Grace Jones track from the Sly and Robbie produced Nightclubbing album.

Tags: Island Records, Vintage Remix, Electro Swing, Jazz, Blues, Dance Artists: Grace Jones, Kiko Bun, Parov Stelar, Millie Smalls, Althea and Donna, Sara Lugo

Freshly Squeezed catalogue episodes - April 2021 #1

Freshly Squeezed | 04.04.2021

April's show is again packed with new releases and exclusive previews of upcoming tunes. Includes the revival of the Blue Cover series 2.0 and a new EP from one half of The Gentlemen Callers of LA, Atom Smith. More from the Swingrowers new album, the return of Brazilian DJ collective Shaka, news of summer festivals and Island Records' Vintage Remix imprint, not to mention a new electro swing EP from Jenova Collective.

Tags: Frontpage, Electro Swing, EDM, Vintage Remix

Freshly squeezed catalogue episodes - March 2021 #4

Freshly Squeezed | 28.03.2021

Son Of Dave
Son Of Dave


After skipping a month we're back with a vengeance. Nick Hollywood takes another eclectic tour through forthcoming releases from Freshly Squeezed and elsewhere including 2 world exclusives from the new Swingrowers album plus new singles from Minimatic, Son of Dave and Caro Emerald. Here comes spring.
Swingrowers, Caro Emerald, Pisk, Parov Stelar, Violent Femmes, The Real Tuesday Weld
Eclectic, Electro Blues, Swing, Jazz, Funk, Dance

Freshly squeezed catalogue episodes - March 2021 #3

Freshly Squeezed | 21.03.2021

Eclectic as always, Freshly Squeezed returns for March 2020 with host Nick Hollywood joining the musical dots between a wide array of musical styles.
Freshly Squeezed, the label behind the show, is also 15 this year and in this episode we take the first of several looks back at some of the earlier releases and hear news of a forthcoming multi-episode interview series delving into the archive.

TAGS: juiceod, jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues