Panafrican festival Berlin [Festival ]

Di., 01.09.2020, bis So., 06.09.2020 | 12:00 bis 11:45 Uhr | Siehe Programm
TUESDAY 01.09.2020 @ Pan Africa
7pm: Exhibition opening for artwork from Innocent Buregeya & Umuhire MweneMuntu Isaac
7.30pm: food degustation by Frank Anyangbe
8.30pm: Live painting session
9pm: Speech from Nelli Foumba, founder of Kommit Africa
WEDNESDAY 02.09.2020 @ Pan Africa
8pm: WAPANI live concert (music from Burkina Faso)
9.30pm: Online concert streaming (Artists VAB - Visage artistique du Burundi)
7:30pm: Book presentation by 

8:30pm: food degustation by Frank Anyangbe
9pm: Book presentation on 2 more books followed by Q&A

FRIDAY 04.09.2020 @ Pan Africa
6.30pm: Introduction of Total Plural e.V. , Afro-Deutsche Ateliers + screening of "Diversity Talks""
7pm: food degustation by Frank Anyangbe
7.30pm: Screening of trailer "Sénégal Deutschland générateurs"
8pm: Presentation of AMPO International e.V. + Screening of "AMPO - Der Film"
9pm: Presentation + screening of "Weit weg Zuhause" from Malcolm Peters
SATURDAY 05.09.2020 @ Pan Africa
10am: opening of Market with selling stands:
- Upendo Shop Berlin
- AMPO International e.V.
- InterKontinental

6pm: Live painting session
8pm: Heart Beats of Africa live concert

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