Beat Latino

hosted and produced by Catalina Maria Johnson, a Chicago-based music journalist

Beat Latino celebrates in every hour a different facet of the extraordinary diversity of the Latin musical universe. From traditional, roots music to the most cutting-edge avant garde, Beat Latino shares the best of Latin music with you! Each week, Beat Latino explores a topic of cultural significance through our music - holidays, immigration, genres and rhythms from different countries, life, family, love - everything Latinos have sung about past, present and future. Beat Latino is presented in Spanish and English.

Cada edición de Beat Latino celebra una diferente faceta del presente, pasado y futuro de la extraordinaria diversidad del universo musical latino - desde ritmos y melodías raíz tradicionales hasta la música de último momento y de vanguardia - ¡lo mejor de lo mejor de la música latina! A través de la música, en el programa de Beat Latino exploramos en cada hora un tema de importancia cultural, por ejemplo, días festivos, la inmigración, diversos géneros y países, la vida, la familia y el amor - ¡todos los temas sobre los cuales cantamos los latinos! Catalina Maria Johnson les invita a sintonizar Beat Latino, cuya presentación es en inglés y en español.

letzte Folgen

Beat Latino | 23.06.2018

Feature photo: Santi Mostaffa, courtesy of the artist.

It's a selection of new and recent discoveries on this week's Beat Latino! From Uruguayan hip hop (Santi Moustaffa) to the first studio recording in 9 years from our beloved veteranos Aterciopelados (including tidbits of a chat with Andrea Echeverri) to tropical gypsy jazz from Colombia's Monsieur Periné to straight up mariachi classics from Chicago's Mariachi Herencia de México to Amazonian-Andean mystic flow from Chancha via really is an AMAZING time for Latinx music! Come along for this marvelous musical paseo, new rolitas on Beat Latino!

Beat Latino | 16.06.2018

It's time to celebrate the classic art of fútbol on Beat Latino. Happy, Happy World Cup 2018 AND here's a selection of tunes to keep you dancing during the breaks in the action!

Beat Latino | 09.06.2018

feature photo: D.J. Jigue from Cuba, courtesy of Catalina Maria Johnson

Whoa! What a Summer we are going to have, Chicagoans and visitors! This week Beat Latino shares just a taste of the musical riches in store for us, with fantastic line-ups at the inaugural LatiNXT, as well as Taste of Chicago, Ruido Fest, Square Roots Music, Chicago Summer Dance and the Millennium Park Summer Series. Time to get your dancing shoes on!

Veteranos: Songs of War and Peace

Beat Latino | 02.06.2018

Celebrating Memorial Day in the USA! Latino veterans have for decades fought and lost their lives for this land. This special edition of El Beat Latino musically celebrates the accomplishments and dedication of the 1.3 million U.S. Latino Veterans. The selection of songs includes "Tribute to Veterans" by Leti de la Vega, Al Reyes "Vietnam Veterano" and "Pastures of Plenty-This Land is your Land" by Lila Downs. Enjoy! And please remember kindly those who risked everything for us.

Beat Latino | 26.05.2018

Hot music that'll keep you cool! Whether its celebrating the sun, our coasts or tropical breezes, a medley of tunes from throughout Latin American and Latino USA for super chilling in the summertime!